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Usually, camo and Bob Marley don't go together, but when I decided to custom build game calls and it became a business, it was a natural combination for my family. Our favorite places are the fields of Kentucky and the beaches of the Caribbean, and since we had just added our second and third child to our family (boy/girl twins), Three Little Birds seemed natural.  Our three little turkey's are learning to call birds, respect nature, and love life.  We only hope they know that they were the inspiration for a whole lot more.

 When you purchase a Three Little Birds Game Call you can be sure that it will be the finest quality, most realistic sound, and in the woods it will perform! I am an avid turkey hunter and would use any of our calls on any of my hunts.  Each Three Little Birds Game Calls are made with the finest materials available. Every one is hand built and individually tested before shipping to make sure the sound is as good as any call on the market.

We take time to insure that our calls sound as natural and realistic as possible.  All of our customers are friends, and we would not send our friends into the woods with a call that won't produce. 

Our main goal is to make a great sounding, great looking call; the one you see yourself using when you dream of the perfect hunt!

Bo Spencer
(502) 600-0452

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